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How it works


Simply fill out and QueenB Influencer application so we can get to know you.  After receiving your application, our team will reach out to you with details and next steps. 


Post on your social media account and share your unique discount code with your family and friends.


Someone is using your referral link? Great! You will be notified and you'll receive up to 5on each online purchase with valid payment.  Commission will be paid after the return window has passed.  Returned purchases do not earn a commission.


Perks of being a QueenB Influencer

⚆ Get 30% Special Discount for YOU!

⚆ 10% Discount code to share with your friends and family

⚆ 5% commission on products sold using your exclusive Discount code

⚆ Periodically receive free products just because we feel like it.


⚆ Must be 18+ yrs old

⚆ Must live in the USA

⚆ Must have an active Instagram account and be an active follower of @shopboutiqueen (commenting and sharing posts with friends and family) 


⚆ Must be willing to make a purchase once a month.

⚆ Be willing to take good quality photos for social media and website sharing for Shopboutiqueen within 7-10 days of receiving your order.

⚆ Must share at least one grid photo or reel a month collaborating/tagging @shopboutiqueen.

⚆ Promote your exclusive link and make money every time it is used!

⚆ Allow @shopboutiqueen to use your photos or reels on social media and website.